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1. The base: The first layer is a mix of crisped rice and white chocolate.

2 the filling:The second layer is coconut cream with coconut flakes.

3. the forming:After a quick stop in the freezer to firm the sheet up, cut out the shape with a warmed knife

4. stare at it: make sure there is a bite taken out.

5. the coating!: This was actually kinda tough since the coconut was so bumpy. cover the pants in chocolate once and brush some onto the underside. Then use a heated knife to level off the top and smooth the sides to prep for a second coat. Finally, repour the dark chocolate shell so it’ll have a smoother look.

6. the sleeve: use some nice silver cardstock that’s cut with an x-acto to create simple sleeves.

7. look at your work again: A pile of half-eaten choco pants.

8. the paper label!: have some labels to wrap the sleeves in.  find the front of the bar online and then create a back label to match it. I finish it off with ridged craft scissors on the side and ta-da! You got SBLOUNSKCHED!

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